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Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Rajeev Reddy, an entrepreneur in spirit is the Founding Chairman and Managing Director of Country Club – a multi-crore leisure hospitality conglomerate.

His is the story of vision and hard work, a story typical of an entrepreneur. A graduate in commerce, he decided to embark into the tough terrains of real-estate and construction when he was 21. With minimum capital, Mr. Reddy started a real-estate company in 1981 and named it Amrutha Estates after his mother. Ever since, he has completed over 38 prestigious real-estate projects in both Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Realizing that ordinary men find it difficult to obtain memberships in most of the social clubs, Mr. Reddy made his ace move in 1989. With the budding idea of establishing affordable clubbing facilities to one and all, he launched the first Country Club in Hyderabad, which now stands as a prestigious landmark in the city. A staunch believer in validating his products, he has been the face of the company since its inception.

Mr. Reddy is a fitness enthusiast, a tennis champion who represented his state in his heyday and an adventure sports aficionado. He enjoys swimming, skydiving, paragliding, river rafting and scuba diving.