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Chief Executive Officer

At 22, acknowledged as being the youngest CEO of a public limited company in the corporate India circuit, Mr. Y Siddharth Reddy is a born leader and a thorough bred entrepreneur. A Self starter, assertive and goal driven, he has set a new phase of growth and development trail in Country Club.

The credit of building a sound communication platform, creating strategic alliances, developing opportunities beyond promised deliverables and expanding the sheer network strength, via franchisee route in the Country Club goes to him. A hard core finance professional, he accumulated knowledge from Pennsylvania State University – University Park for a year and a half and transferred to the University of Texas at Austin with a short stint at Harvard in-between.

Known to be an intelligent, humorous and passionate speaker, Mr. Y Siddharth Reddy has published his collection of original quotes in a critically-acclaimed book P.T.O (Please Turn Over). An avid tennis player, he was ranked in the top 100 of the Indian national tennis circuit.