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Chief Operating Officer

Dynamic, aggressive and focused, Mr. Y Varun Reddy joined Country Club in 2006. With a double major in Economics and Communication from Rutgers University, he has been responsible for many firsts at the Country Club.

Being part of a training ground that breeds entrepreneurs, Mr. Y Varun Reddy enjoys working with radical thinking individuals, driving everyone at Country Club with his innovation and speed. The current rapid expansion spree of Fitness Centers and marketing offices across India and Middle East has caught fire under him. A keen marketer with pulse for fresh ideas, he is instrumental in establishing new milestones and business modules for the organization.

With an eye for adventure, Mr. Y Varun Reddy indulges with work as a globetrotter. He has traveled extensively, including backpacking across continents like Europe, Australia New Zealand and South America. Mr. Y Varun Reddy has a passion for flying and is a qualified Private Pilot from Princeton Flying School.