This Privacy Policy applies to all the services rendered by Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Limited and all its branches and affiliates (All of them will collectively be referred to as CCHHL in the policy mentioned below) This policy statement refers to the procedure adopted by CCHHL in handling all forms of information and fulfills all the requirements of the Privacy Act. For further enquires pertaining to this subject, CCHHL requests to contact our Privacy at the following address Country Club Kool, 4th and 5th Floor, # 6-3-1219/A, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016, India or you could e-mail us at

Personal Information

Complying with the provisions under the Privacy Act, CCHHL gathers all personalized information for the sole industrial or business purpose. The information collected will not be used in any other means. The procedure adopted in gathering such information is done is a very structured manner which is completely fair and lawful. CCHHL ensures to meet the expectations of each one of members. We ensure that all information about our members will be first authenticated by them and used after their permission. We agree that we gather personal information in many divisions of our business. This policy document mainly highlights the information exchange that takes place between CCHHL and its members. This document does not mention the use of the contractor and the employee information. Please note that under the Privacy Act, it generally exempts the coverage of employee records.

The main real personal information – Uses

son personal information is gathered is to render our services to the members in a more effective and an efficient way. Certain details may contain that services entitled at our clubs and the holiday packages that you can avail. This personal information is used by CCHHL in varied ways for efficient operations by the operation team for the large member base. Most of the information used has a clear reason and its circumstances are understandable. Ensuring that the set standards and quality is being met across all our clubs, the personal information is used for the same as well. CCHHL shares this information across all our clubs to ensure that member requests are fulfilled efficiently. This is not done on a regular basis and is only done when certain member requests are to be fulfilled. In other circumstances, CCHHL will always ensure that the information is used with member consent. The following are the special circumstances under which personal information may be used or disclosed – required by the law, protecting the rights, property or personal safety of another CCHHL member or the public, on transfer of assets/ operations to another party, when that option of receiving information from the CCHHL team is given during the time of joining which can be certain event invitations, special offers, changes in services. When a member does not opt for these privileges then such information is not passed on, but a minimum of 28 days is required for this request to be processed.


CCHHL uses the services of many other providers to improve the standards and the quality rendered to our members. We always aim to work on our operation efficiency and reach higher standards compared to the others. Hence, certain third parties that help us generate proper services will gain a certain access to member information and will use it on CCHHL’s behalf. We try our best to make sure that all the service providers strictly follow all the privacy guidelines and not use this information for any unauthorized purposes.


CCHHL strictly follows all the guidelines of the private policy even as it interacts and communicates with its members first and also the prospective members who want to be a part of this clubbing entity. CCHHL respects everyone while engaging in certain marketing activities for varied purposes. CCHHL will keep in touch with its member base and other prospective members through e-mail or phone for the following purposes – membership renewal or expiry, updated information with regard to your membership and services, special offers and promotions, information about other services that you have opted for with this clubbing entity. Certain information is sent to all our members as part of our communication procedure with regard to CCHHL and the services it provides. We also provide another feature, if you do not wish to receive timely updates from our end. You can contact us on this number (91)-40-44610500 or visit our executives personally at Country Club Kool, 4th & 5th Floor, # 6-3-1219/A, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016, India or e-mail and your details will not be included in our mailing list. Kindly wait for a minimum of 28 days for the required action to be taken.

Website Users

Data security is an issue that we at CCHHL take up very seriously. We maintain high standards and treat the information disclosed on our website with extreme secure measures. The website offers an SSL encryption, the industry standard security measures adopted while making transactions over the Internet. We use cookies to help us determine which service and support information is appropriate to your computer and to facilitate your use of our instant transactions area. This technology does not mean that additional information about you will be collected by default. The only ability that we have is to figure out the type of computer that you are using, but beyond that with cookies we can’t do anything else. We endeavor to always make sure you have a better experience while using our website. Kindly note that will agreeing or accepting the cookies that you are no way giving us any access to your personal information. We assure you that you do not have to be concerned about the cookies option and be rest assured that cookies have been designed for a better user interface with the website. CCHHL respects the privacy of its members and ensures privacy of their personal information. For more information regarding these concerns, please contact our Privacy officer on our number 91) 040-44610500, or visit us at Country Club Kool, 4th & 5th Floor, # 6-3-1219/A, Begumpet , Hyderabad – 500016, India or e-mail us at

Access of information

If you wish to access any kind of information about yourself that we have used in our website, please feel free to call us on our number 91) 040-44610500, or visit us at Country Club Kool, 4th & 5th Floor, # 6-3-1219/A, Begumpet, Hyderabad-500016, India or e-mail us at We assure you that the entire data that we have gathered concerning you will be shown to you in a file and a maximum of 14 days will be taken for detailed information. For access of this information, we are very strict on confirming your identity before disclosing anything. This is mainly done to maintain high security standards.

Altering Personal information

We are very transparent with our members regarding the information we disclose about them and hence, if they require any changes to be made in their personal information, we are willing to immediately work on the same. If certain information you require to be completely deleted, we do our best to work on it but if legal reasons do not permit the same, we may not be able to completely comply with your request.

Personal information – Database and Security

CCHHL takes stringent steps when it comes to safeguarding member data, so that it is never used for inappropriate reasons. A very high-end computer network is used with a password-protected system for all the devices used for data transfer. Only authorized employees are given access to certain information and an audit system is maintained which keeps track which file is being accessed by which employee. Data is kept safe and works under a safe environment, which also has a consistent data back-up system. Our date works on an internal network and is not accessible over the Internet for public access and use. High-end software is used to ensure that there is no intrusion from an external network.

Overseas transfer of information

As a global business, functioning in other parts of the world, CCHHL will adopt certain overseas facilities for certain transfer of information. This information can either be used for processing or simply for storage purposes. Please note that the information transferred will comply to the provisions of the Privacy Act and your personal information will be safeguarded.

For queries

In case of any discrepancies that you might encounter specially in terms of privacy practices, CCHHL shall take distinct interest to cater to your requirements. We will address these issues immediately. For any kind of queries with regard to the functioning of this website and the privacy policy that it follows, please free to call us on our number 91) 040-44610500, or visit us at Country Club Kool, 4th & 5th Floor, # 6-3-1219/A, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016, India or e-mail us at

The Future

CCHHL will commit to being the largest clubbing entity in the world as stated by the Limca Book of World Records. We will strive to always reach a notch higher and aim to satisfy our members with the best possible services in the hospitality industry. We shall renew our policies on a regular purpose for high customer satisfaction after we have reviewed and revised them thoroughly. In case of making changes in our private policy, we will make it a point to communicate the same with our members and clients.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

For a new membership or your package There shall be a cool off period of 10 days from the date of signing of this Agreement wherein member/client can discontinue the agreement. After deduction of 10% of Paid amount or Rs.4800/-, whichever is higher plus any costs associated with bank interest etc, the balance of 90% of paid amount will be refunded within 120 working days from the date of invoking of cool off period. For invoking the cooling off period the member shall send a written communication to the Chief Processing Officer Country Club, Central Customer Care, Begumpet, Hyderabad - Telangana 500016 through registered or speed post only. Email or any other forms of communication to anyone other person/address will not be considered as acceptable mode of communication for this process. After expiry of the aforesaid period the entire membership fee is non refundable under any circumstance. For AMC/reservations there is no refund or cancellation.